Smooth is Better

Fun fact: Body hair doesn’t keep you warmer.

We are a registered Nufree* finipil* Salon.  Nufree is a less painful, hair removal system that is wax, sugar, and honey free and is gentle enough for all skin types- making it the safer choice for full body hair removal.  

-hair should be at minimum 1/4″ length for an effective hair removal session
-3-6 weeks is typical timing between sessions
-use finipil at home daily for best results
-DO NOT wax if you are taking ACUTANE
-DO NOT wax areas that have had exposure to RETIN A

EYEBROWS-the only thing you can get into shape without exercise.

Waxing Prices

Brows only
Chin only
Lip only
Nose Wax
Duo Wax
Trio Wax